Why You Should Always Use Your Own Domain To Promote Affiliate links.

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I learned the hard way, along time ago to almost never promote the company or program provided links. Here’s why. #1. What if the program suddenly shuts down or the owner decides to do something else.

For example, I bought Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring course way back in 2006. I actually bought the hard copy version when Mike Dillard was using it to build Xango. I think that is why the color of the main book was Orange. 

Sometime around 2007 I started promoting Magnetic Sponsoring as an affiliate. During that time Mike Dillard came out with several more programs, all of which came with an affiliate URL that was easily accessible in the Magnetic Sponsoring back office. Below you is a screen shot of commissions I made in 2007 promoting the program. I believe this was for MLMTrafficformula.


At some point, Mike Dillard decided to take down the affiliate program and promote his course on Amazon.  In doing so, everyone’s affiliate link suddenly didn’t work.

Now for many that wasn’t a big deal, but for people like me that promoted hard, it was a freaking stomach punch. I still have old non working affiliate links on the internet for Magnetic Sponsoring from 2008.   Commissions for Magnetic Sponsoring course were $20. 

I earned 162 sales promoting the program. While that may not seem like a high number, and it’s not, it does show that I was an active promoter and I’m not just complaining.

162 payments


What Are Your Options:

Had I known better, I would have gotten my own domain and simply used sub domains to forward to the affiliate link.  You can get a domain at godaddy for as low as $3 a year.

For example instead of posting briandavis.magneticsponsoringonline. com I could have posted magneticsponsoring.briankdavis. com and then when Mike Dillard decided to remove the affiliate option, I could have logged into my domain and changed where the links forwarded to.

Another great and highly recommended option is to setup your own wordpress site on your own domain and use a service like PrettyLink

With Pretty Link, you can setup as many affiliate URL’s as you want.

For example.  I have an affiliate link for Geoff Stephen Solo Ad shortcut, which is http://briandavis.geoffishere.zaxaa.com/s/2407582232424

But what if one day, Zaxaa decided to shut down, or Geoff decided to pull down the Solo ad short cuts. Where would that leave me as a marketer? SO instead of promoting the link above, I use pretty link like this;  http://www.briankdavis.com/soloadshortcut 

Now if something happened, I could simply log into my admin panel and change where the target URL.

This is especially important if you do a lot of Traffic Exchange and Safelist posting.  TE’s and Safelist can be a pain and take weeks even months of getting your link out there. Nothing worse in the world than spending 300 hours posting someone else’ affiliate link to have it suddenly disappear. 

Let’s Summarize:

  1.  Never promote someone’s or some company provided affiliate link (not even mine).
  2.  Either use your own domain with sub domain forwarding or
  3. Get your own wordpress blog on your own domain and use Pretty LinkWhat do you think? Leave a quick comment, love to hear from you. Oh I almost forgot, you can track hits, referral sites and more.



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